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Pictures from the Picos de Europa, Asturias, Spain

1996 "Gustuteru" expedition

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Pybus marches up

Bobias clouds

Conjurtao ridge sunset

View to central massif

Entrance to ?

Bondage sleeper

C4 survey

Measuring rope

Sore thumbs!

Walking down

Top Camp

Base camp

Top camp clouds



Lago Ercina

C4: Bugger Bognor

C4: Underground overdrive

C4: Upstream

C4: last rope pitch

C4: Upstream limit

C3/C4: Sump

C3/C4: Boating in the sump

Vasco: Entrance pitch

Vasco: Climb

Vasco: 4th pitch

Vasco: 8th pitch

Vasco: 8th pitch