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Pictures from the Picos de Europa, Asturias, Spain

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Pictures taken 1985

Picos Surface by Year

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Los Lagos storm - tent belaying
Los Lagos storm - tent belaying

Los Lagos storm - tent collapse

Tent rebuilding

Derigging group

John Wilcock at Los Lagos

Beach Party

Cares Gorge

Ario camp at sunset

Sunset from ridge behind Ario

View from... ?

Slopes of Cuvicente

The Conjurtao ridge

The Conjurtao ridge

The Conjurtao ridge

The "bowl" on the way to Ridge Cave.

Top Camp

Hombres at Top Camp

Mist at Top Camp

Top Camp festering

Top Camp squalor

Iestyn Walters laden

Paul Brennan with Troll suit

Phil Rose with biscuits

William Stead at Top camp

Phil Duncan and spreader

Top Camp sunset

Clouds from Top Camp

Evils of alcohol
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John Wilcock at Fuente De
jdw_0098.jpg (479295 bytes)
Leaving Ercina base camp
jdw_0099.jpg (467788 bytes)
Derigging group
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Ercina base camp
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Ercina base camp
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Top camp in clag
jdw_0103.jpg (383390 bytes)
Meal at top camp
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Surface surveying
jdw_0108.jpg (405300 bytes)
Ario mirador
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Surface surveying
jdw_0120.jpg (309693 bytes)
Ferry home
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Fred Wickham at Top Camp
1985-margot-02.jpg (32411 bytes)
View from La Verdelluenga
1985-margot-03.jpg (41649 bytes)
La Verdelluenga summit party
1985-margot-04.jpg (93091 bytes)
Top Camp festering
1985-margot-05.jpg (41407 bytes)
Top camp at night
1985-margot-06.jpg (45613 bytes)
Gerhard Niklasch