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Pictures from the Picos de Europa, Asturias, Spain

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Pictures taken 1991 ( Extremero expedition)

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53-5 - tcg, dh, cjd.jpg (116893 bytes)
53/5 team
53-5 - from entrance.jpg (116042 bytes)
53/5 Entrance
tim guilford after 2-7 trip.jpg (87133 bytes)
53/5: Tim Guilford
carer from appraoch to 53-5.jpg (60450 bytes)
Cares Gorge from approach to 53/5
drying gear.jpg (118519 bytes)
Drying gear
dave bell fixing van.jpg (94035 bytes)
Dave Bell fixing the Van
michelle nickerson washing hair.jpg (108877 bytes)
Michelle Nickerson washing hair
michelle and andy at base camp.jpg (102910 bytes)
Base Camp
tim guilford and pack.jpg (84309 bytes)
Tim Guilford at Base Camp
michelle and andy at bobias spring.jpg (119048 bytes)
Bobias Spring
sod 2 in mist.jpg (49719 bytes)
"Sod 2"
carrying up.jpg (34543 bytes)
Carrying up
michelle nickerson carrying.jpg (69853 bytes)
Michelle Nickerson carrying
central picos from xitu mirador.jpg (79620 bytes)
Central Picos from near Xitu
sgr looking down sod 4.jpg (94150 bytes)
Looking back toward Lagos
ario tent.jpg (94778 bytes)
Ario Camp
night in ario tent.jpg (66748 bytes)
Inside Big Eric
michelle nickerson in polish tent.jpg (80945 bytes)
Michelle Nickerson in tent
sgr polish tent at ario.jpg (65019 bytes)
Tent at Ario
ario camp.jpg (85586 bytes)
Ario camp
ario.jpg (80300 bytes)
Ario, looking towards central massif.
picos de cornion.jpg (79676 bytes)
Picos de Cornion
michelle nickerson at ario.jpg (84563 bytes)
On the way to 2/7
ario from jultayu slopes.jpg (79629 bytes)
Ario from Jultayu slopes
tim  guilfors descending from 2-7.jpg (113111 bytes)
Tim Guilford heading for 2/7
ojo de la bruja with michelle and tim.jpg (118478 bytes)
Ojo de la Bruja
ojo de la bruja with michelle.jpg (90755 bytes)
Ojo de la Bruja


2-7 team.jpg (118887 bytes)
2/7 Team
sean houlihane after 2-7.jpg (133740 bytes)
After 2/7: Tim Guilford
michelle nickerson after 2-7 trip 2.jpg (96923 bytes)
After 2/7: Michelle Nickerson
steve roberts after 2-7 trip.jpg (53223 bytes)
After 2/7: Steve Roberts
michelle nickerson after 2-7 trip.jpg (64752 bytes)
After 2/7: Michelle Nickerson
sunset.jpg (24861 bytes)
ario sunset 1.jpg (23552 bytes)
ario sunset 2.jpg (46342 bytes)
ario sunset 3.jpg (30418 bytes)