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Pictures from the Picos de Europa, Asturias, Spain

Above Ground - 1986

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chieveley_yv_unloaded.jpg (336852 bytes)
Yellow Van breakdown
chieveley_van_transfer1.jpg (315400 bytes)
Yellow Van breakdown
chieveley_van_transfer4.jpg (291963 bytes)
Yellow Van breakdown
chieveley_van_transfer2.jpg (266436 bytes)
Yellow Van breakdown
chieveley_van_transfer3.jpg (264952 bytes)
Yellow Van breakdown
chieveley_dan&mike.jpg (314765 bytes)
Hitch-hiking to Plymouth
plymouth_white_van_unload.jpg (317813 bytes)
Plymouth Ferryport
plymouth_trolleys.jpg (360913 bytes)
"Expeditioning by shopping trolley"
plymouth_trolleys2.jpg (336818 bytes)
"Expeditioning by shopping trolley"
plymouth_rope_trolley.jpg (349333 bytes)
Rope as hand luggage.
plymouth_loading2.jpg (494469 bytes)
"Expedition on a pallet"
ferry_group.jpg (309297 bytes)
On the ferry
santander_bus.jpg (348864 bytes)
Luxury travel
santander_bus2.jpg (342984 bytes)
Loading the coach
coach_interior.jpg (328836 bytes)
Last stage of the epic
central_massif.jpg (362014 bytes)
Central Massif
cetntral_rainbow.jpg (292002 bytes)
Central Massif with rainbow
urs_photoing.jpg (258545 bytes)
Ursula Collie in the clag

Mel Rigby at 1/6

Steve Roberts rigging 2/6

Steve Roberts posing
fred_fixing.jpg (332110 bytes)
Fixing Fred's face
top_camp_sgr_mm.jpg (383517 bytes)
Steve Roberts and Mike Mead, post-F20 breakfast
top_camp_jon_cooper.jpg (419967 bytes)
Jonathon Cooper, post-F20 blues
top_camp_urs.jpg (369968 bytes)
Ursula Collie, with Ridge Cave hair.
top_camp_group.jpg (461338 bytes)
Top Camp festering
urs_tent.jpg (358381 bytes)
Ursula Collie, loitering within tent
john_cooper.jpg (437763 bytes)
Jonathon Cooper
gale_dye_test.jpg (334446 bytes)
A positive dye trace
lagos_sgr_wine.jpg (331127 bytes)
Steve Roberts
ario_games2.jpg (310263 bytes)
Neil McHugh

Steve Roberts
ario_games3.jpg (330280 bytes)
Steve Roberts
avebury_return_group.jpg (266540 bytes)
The expedition returns