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Pictures from the Picos de Europa, Asturias, Spain

Above Ground

Pictures taken 1983

Picos Surface Pictures

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See OUCC Proceedings 11 and the 1983 logbook for more information, and F2 / F7 pictures for underground shots taken in 1983.

Picos de Cornion from Lago Ercina

Picos de Cornion from above Refugio Entrelagos

View from a peak....

Sunset at Top Camp

Ario Refugio

Approaching the Jorcada Blanca pass.

Slopes of La Verdelluenga

The Conjurtao ridge

Sunset at Top Camp cairn

Sunset at Top Camp

John Singleton

Andy Riley fixing the Keith Potter plaque in Xitu entrance

Andy Riley

Bold step on walk to Top Camp

Unloading the Blue Van

Steve Roberts mending the van

Expedition Dinner

Tent at Top Camp

Top Camp

Top Camp kitchen shelter

Top Camp squalor

Top Camp group shot

Approaching Top Camp

Top Camp Group