Oxford University Cave Club

TGM Trinity 2009 

Wednesday 17th June 2009

Minutes, etc.

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The following people were present: Andrew Mawer,  Rick Padfield, Simon Goddard, Pod

The following offered apologies by email:  Paul Savage, Lou Maurice, Simon Headford, Jamie Jordan, Nick Edwards

Matters arising from previous minutes

  1. Simon Goddard to arrange for club oversuits to be repaired – will be done when caving stops for the summer
  2. Mandate the club to have at least 4 SRT kits – done
  3. Club accounts to presented to senior members by TT09 – not done.
  4. John Pybus to make available the average for club weekends to be placed on the website for future guidance. – done
  5. John Pybus to send Steve Roberts Proc. 14 contents page in HTML – unknown
  6. Library catalogue to be uploaded to the website at least once a term - unknown
  7. Jamie Jordan to colour code and inventory all current club kits and to encourage lenders of personal kit to provide the club with an inventory – done
  8. Steve Roberts to update RA and CoC on club website – unknown.
  9. Jamie Jordan to purchase “freak sized” willies – done
  10. Club should encourage personal kit to be labelled and for lenders of personal kit to provide an inventory to the club– ongoing
  11. Paul Savage to compose amendment to the code of conduct that implies that the OUCC will buy and maintain its own SRT kits. Also that the recipients of personally loaned gear will be liable to replace any lost items of kit while in their charge but that the club will, if no monies are forth coming underwrite any loss. - unknown

Action Points

  1. Push to recruit as many freshers as possible at the upcoming fair. Current strategy deemed acceptable, but there are inherent problems with a lack of knowledge of caving as it is not a particularly high profile sport .
  2. Consider changing trinity TGMs to earlier in the term since absenteeism is probably due to exam pressure, absenteeism in turn resulted in an underproductive meeting.
  3. John Pybus to update club accounts. Perhaps help is needed?
  4. President’s invite. The club would like to remind members that during 25-27 November all members past and present are invited to the old school house, Chapel le Dale for a relaxed weekend with optional caving.