Oxford University Cave Club

TGM Trinity 2008 

Wednesday 11th June 2008

Minutes, etc.

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Present: Chris Day (CD), Paul Savage (PS), John Pybus (JP), Andy Morgan (AM), Nick Edwards (NE), Rick Padfield (RP).

Apologies: Hilary, Pete D, Lou M, Steve R, Simon G.

Note that only 1/3 of the club members present has a beer in their hand, and that only 1 member of the club is wearing a silly hat. On a serious note, Quorum has not been reached.

Last meetings minutes ratified by RP.

Matters arising from last minutes

  1. NE will organise a T-shirt for MT08, aiming to have them available for Fresher's Fair '08.
  2. Italian caver to give a talk – meeting decided it was not worth chasing up, and to “let it die it's natural death”
  3. No news on the new “artificial” cave – CD suggests the ball is still in their park.

Officers' Reports

Tackle Officer (RP)

  1. Mice have gotten into the tackle store food. Holes have been found and blocked.
  2. Ordered: Petzl Duos, lots more (thick) rope, lots of new batteries to replace lost rechargables. PS admits he has 4 at home.
  3. Possibility of a tackle amnesty – a “naughty” bin for rope and such.

Meets Officer (NE)

  1. TT08 has been a quiet term for meets
  2. Mendip Madness was a huge success. Used Facebook to actively recruit members – suggestion that the OUCC Facebook group could be used heavily during Fresher's Week and providing the link to all prospective members.
  3. MT'08 Meets – JP: South Wales and Mendips, and at least one Yorkshire trip. Use 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 7th weeks
  4. UBSS Bonfire Night
  5. Keith Hyams suggested a Devon Trip, but it was decided that this would be best delayed until HT'09
  6. CHECC weekend last year was great fun, and we should encourage attendance

Treasurer (JP)

Little to report, “technically” missed deadline.

Social Secretary (PS)

  1. TT'08 was quiet socially, but the Annual Dinner was good fun, and went without hitch.
  2. Working on activities for Fresher's Week '08, but this can be discussed later.

Proc. 14

It's fantastic (JP) Will there be an e-book version? (CD) It will happen eventually, either .pdf or .html toward the end of the year (JP) Will Inglesport stock it? (CD)

Fresher's Week 2008

  1. Scheduled for the 1st week in October.
  2. NE booked two tables – JP needs to send a cheque to OUSU. Will wait till September to recruit for the stall.
  3. First Social: Needs to be a more relaxed, friendly occasion. Use club t-shirts to identify good members to chat to (PS). Aim more social, I.e. a short pub crawl. Second Social: “Proper” talk at Teddy Hall (or new venue if found).
  4. Termcard: details of Pub meets, as well as good links for new cavers (I.e. BBC “Extreme Caving” and Facebook/website details). To be made available at Freshers Fair and made to look colourful and stand out.
  5. Freshers Stand to be planned in September – lots of photos etc. Need some display board. On the note, more photos for the Tackle Store door?

Sport Federation Forms

CD has done the Committee changeover form, but needs to complete the Presidents End-of-Year report. JP will do Treasurers report.

Draenen Weekend

Stay at Blackwalls, do both digging and tourist trips. No time in MT'08, plan for HT'09 - action NE.

Proc's 15 and 16

Fleur Loveridge – Proc. 15; Chris Rogers – Proc. 16. Neither present.

New Pub

  1. Needs to be close to the centre of town for students – also needs to be big enough (JP).
  2. Start time earlier – 8.30pm. Need a summer pub recce (PS) –
  3. Far from the Madding Crowd, Mitre, Chequers, Port Mahon?

Next meeting

6th week, MT'08 – at the Bookbinders?