Oxford University Cave Club

TGM Michaelmas 2008 

Wednesday 26th Novemeber 2008, 8.30, The Chequers Inn

Minutes, etc.

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Present: Nick Edwards (NE), Rick Padfield (RP), Vicky Walker-Nolan, Paul Savage (PS), John Pybus (JP), Lorna Wilson (LW), Simon Goddard (SG), Tim Guilford (TG), Lou Maurice (LM).

RP volunteers to chair the meeting in the absence of Chris Day.

Apologies: Chris Day, Steve Roberts.

Ratification of minutes: As many of the club members present had not had a chance to read the previous meeting's minutes, the ratification of said minutes was tabled till next meeting. PS asked to email minutes to the whole club once they were written up.

Matters arising from previous minutes:

  1. T-shirt order: NE reports that the order has arrived and he is busy distributing the clothing. He mentioned the possibility of a second order later in the academic year as there seems to be a lot of interest
  2. Tackle amnesty: “not a huge success” RP
  3. Proc. 14 e-book: (JP + HG) the club will wait until all the paper copies are sold before transferring the proceedings to an electronic format. It is noted that any electronic version would be “paired down”, as the paper copy contains a number of Decent articles, which would need to be removed.

Committee member reports

Steve Roberts (President):

  1. given in absentia. SR notes that the club's 50th anniversary celebrations were a huge success. SR also notes that the club library is gradually moving into a room at St. Edmund Hall.
  2. RP notes the great job that SR is doing managing the book collection, but inquired about the collection being listed on OLIS, and in making the collection more accessible (HG agrees).
  3. LM suggests that if not listed on OLIS, could a list be published on the website.

John Pybus (Treasurer):

  1. JP apologies for being somewhat disorganised recently. He notes that none of the club money was placed in an Icelandic bank account. Novice trips are breaking even fiscally.
  2. NE asked if his club personal account could be settled, as he is owed money related to the t shirt order.
  3. RP suggests that all club accounts be settled soon.
  4. JP: “It will happen”
  5. ACTION POINT: JP to settle all club accounts in the near future.

Nick Edwards (Meets Secretary):

  1. NE notes that we've had some good trips so far this term, and the Wales Fresher's and Bonfire weekend trips were especially popular.

Paul Savage (Secretary):

  1. PS notes that the social events this term have been fairly successful and our two guest speakers gave very interesting talks. He also notes that the only let-down has been the choice of new meeting venue (the Port Mahon) which has become increasingly busy and disorganised during term-time.
  2. The committee would like it minuted that PS has done quite a good job this term, as regards organising socials.

Rick Padfield (Gear Officer):

  1. RP notes that the club seems to have lost quite a lot of gear, including a whole SRT kit.
  2. SG made it known that Jo Whistler has the kit.
  3. RP also mentioned the continuing mouse problem at the hut; the aggregating factor is the amount of expedition food that is stored there, which is unavoidable. The bin has been removed from the hut attempt to help with the infestation (SG).
  4. ACTION POINT: RP asked to erect a sign warning the mice away; if not, to warn of leaving opened food in the hut.
  5. RP would like it minuted that he is very grateful to the post-expedition sort-out and the club trips this term, who have all left the hut in a clean and tidy state.
  6. ACTION POINT: SG to chase up the possibility of repairing the oversuits; contact Phoenix.

Points of Discussion:


  1. PS notes that the Port Mahon is not a suitable venue during term-time, as it is a popular pre-club drinking establishment for Brookes students on a Wednesday evening.
  2. TG suggests that the Chequers is a good, central venue and that the “snug” area is suitable for club meetings. Everyone is in favour of using the Chequers next term.
  3. ACTION POINT: PS to contact landlady at beginning of Hilary term to book the snug

Procs 15 and 16:

  1. Neither editor was available at the meeting to comment on the progress, but it was noted that the club should be urged to support both Chris Rogers and Fleur Loveridge in their efforts.
  2. Both are asked if they could submit a brief report on the state of the proceedings for the AGM in Hilary term 2009.

Hilary Term 2009 weekends:

  1. NE suggests 2 Yorkshire weekends, 1 Wales and 1 Draenen Wales weekend.
  2. LM would like to organise a “Training Weekend”, which would offer more experienced members of the club who may not be leading trips the opportunity to “lead” under supervision. NE suggests this could be in the place of the “Wales” weekend he suggested.
  3. NE has placed the weekends to be at the ends of 1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th weeks.
  4. NE: Gavin Lowe to organise the Bull Pot Farm Christmas trip.
  5. HG notes that before the Yorkshire trips in Hilary, SRT training should be offered. LW will organise it.

Hilary Term 2009 socials:

  1. NE to give a talk in 2nd week on expedition.
  2. SG would like to invite Clive Westlake to give a talk. Committee is in agreement; date to be confirmed – hopefully before the Draenen weekend.
  3. JP would like to give a workshop-based rescue talk. Committee suggests that it be given in Trinity term.
  4. HG notes that it would be useful to give an SRT “problem class” during Hilary; she will investigate possibilities.

Annual Dinner location and date:

  1. PS notes that UBSS couples their annual dinner with their AGM and a talk given by one of the club, and it's a successful format. HG notes that the members of the club not in Oxford may be interested in the democracy of the club, as well as the promise of a talk
  2. ACTION POINT: PS to email the club to inquire if enough members would be interested in this plan.
  3. The committee notes that the 50th anniversary dinner in St. Edmund Hall was fantastic and would like to investigate holding the annual dinner in a college. PS suggested the Cherwell Boathouse if no college was available; the committee agreed that this was a good second choice.
  4. PS suggests the 28th of February for the annual dinner (end of 7th week). There are no arguments against this.

Any other business

Expedition 2009 Report:

  1. NE has written the prospectus and attended the Expedition Council interview. He notes that there are a number of committee positions still available and is keen to fill them
  2. (Expo committee as of 27/11/08; NE: President; PS: Treasurer; LW: Traning Officer; JP: Survey Officer)

Safety Officer

  1. Richard Dodsworth (University Safety Officer) would like to meet the student members.
  2. SG notes that he wants to make sure that the club is benefiting its student members. LW suggests that we arrange it now for next term.
  3. JP: Richard Dodsworth has a positive reaction to the cave club, we need to be careful about the politics and bureaucracy.
  4. ACTION POINT: arrange the meeting for next term involving NE, RP, LW, PS.


  1. NE notes that the hire of minibuses needs to be done through the University rather than contacting the company directly.
  2. NE to email weekend organisers the details.
  3. SG not happy, will investigate this further.

Date of next meeting

to be decided once the Annual Dinner is sorted out.