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TGM Michaelmas 2007 


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Apologies: Peter Delvin (PD), Chris Day (CCD), Matthew Robinson (MR) and the Chair's Hat (CH), Dave Legg (DL), Tom Evens (TE), Simon Goddard (SG),

Attending: Steve Roberts (SR), Lorna Wilson (LW), John Pybus (JP), Yifan Huang (YH), Pod, Rick Padfield (RP), Lou, Tim Guilford (TG), Michael O'Hagen (MO), Elisa Carboni (EC), Fumie Yamaguchi

Pod deputised for Chair during this meeting.

Issues arising from last TGM

  1. Accommodation for GB trip: SR has already booked hut
  2. Tom Houghton and Rosa Clements to draw a picture for OUCC 50th stash:JP suggested this should be postponed till agenda
  3. Iffley Rd SRT Wall: CDM to email Joel, then final decision to be made (inc. in the agenda): Postponed till agenda
  4. TE agreed to write email to Graham Proudlove expressing interest of BCRA cave science project, but not committing the club.
  5. YH to chase TE regarding BCRA cave science project, which was originally proposed during last TGM by TE.
  6. CJD agreed to look into idea of a science project in Draenon, to monitor drafts etc, to help ascertain the geology of the cave, which could aid exploration. The committee will ask CJD later



The PI went on really well. Committee extended thanks to SR for his organisation.




  1. JP distributed copies of his report. JP said the club has not gone bankrupt, but is in fact quite well off.
  2. The club finances healthy in no small part due to the record membership income last year, as all those external or country members contributed well.
  3. The SRT facility in the sports centre should be reviewed and the 500 pounds allocated can be used to purchase new equipments. This year the Sports Feb gave us a grant of 250 pounds for the academic year 2007/2008. This is an increased from our last grant received.
  4. Cost of gear use should be discussed.

(TG and Lou arrived.)

At this point there was a discussion on the last point raised by JP. Lou asked how that should apply for personal kit. RP asked if that's not included in the membership fee. JP said we can then better subsidise unpopular weekend trips. This item was postponed to the agenda.


Thanks to all for an amazing Fresher's fair, the most successful one in recent years. As of the end of MT 2007, of 40 novices have been on at least one trip. YH would like to thank in particular LW, RP, CJD and SG. The Chair proposed a token of thanks to the organisers.

Meet Sec


Gear Officer

  1. RP said we've lost a helmet with light.
  2. SR suggested only novices should hire from the club pool of gears
  3. Pod asked what was the purpose of a gear surcharge.
  4. RP: Why should we charge freshers whom we most want to see again? JP: Maybe we need to
  5. LW didn't know where to buy any caving gear and proposed for a gear order.
  6. Lou supported a Christmas gear order. This is deferred till agenda.
  7. RP said we shouldn't impose any charge till Christmas.

The Chair conducted a vote at this stage. Motion: Should there be no charged till Christmas and should there be a Christmas gear order?

For 8, Against 1 , Motion passed.

Expedition leader

The first stage went on really well, with 21 firm members. Let's crack on the next stage of fundraising.

YH said he still needed more oxford student members to meet the 50% rule. In MT 2007 two committee meetings were held, and minutes will be emailed to OUCC members. The website has been ready at http://expeditions.oucc.org.uk/picos2008/

Action list: more fund to be raised (by YH) more student members to be recruited (by LW), risk assessment (by CJD, PGL, DL

Meeting closed