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AGM Hilary 2001 

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Present were: Chris Densham, Steve Roberts, Paul Mann, Simon Goddard, Richard Doyle, Lynn Mulelly, Lev Bishop, Hilary Greaves, Britt Jorgensen, Alison Waterfall, John Pybus, Anita Milicic, Tim Guilford


  1. Apologies for absence
  2. Matters arising
  3. Election of Officers
  4. Officers Reports
  5. OUSF / Bureaucracy
  6. Transport Costs
  7. AOB

1) Apologies:

Geoff, Tim, Joan and the Chair's Hat

Minutes: The minutes of the Michaelmas 2000 TGM were agreed to be a true representation of the minutes. It was pointed out that the minutes of the previous AGM should be carried over to the next AGM.

2) Matters arising:

3) Election of Officers

The post of van man will stay with Chris while we still have the van.

President Steve
Chair Chris
Secretary Alison
Meets Sec Keith
Treasurer Hilary
Gear Simon
Lamp Post Paul Garver

Steve proposed we voted for everyone as a package. All posts except meets sec were passed. Hilary voted for reopen nominations for meets sec as she was concerned that Keith didn't sound particularly enthusiastic. Keith asked it to be minuted that Steve had called him competent. It was decided that the post could be reviewed at the Michaelmas TGM if it proved too much work. The post of meets sec was voted for separately. Keith was passed with 10 votes for, 1 abstention and 1 RON

Chris said that the Lemming should be a voted post as a part of a near miss recording system. We haven't managed to get hold of the current owner of the Lemming who's gone to Zambia and won't be present at the dinner. It was proposed that the lemming should be voted on at the annual dinner.

The Loris was left to be decided at the annual dinner

4) Officer's Reports


Steve reported that we had a President's Invite and it was a success.


Chris has written a constitution. This should be minimalist. A few people made suggestions of changes. Steve will have some comments on it at some point. We need to be careful of the wording of membership of non-university members because of university rules. In standing orders we should put who we consider to be a member of the club. The constitution should define voting members as those who pay a membership fee. It was suggested that votes in absentia could be put in the draft constitution as being at the discretion of the chair. Paul suggested putting in the constitution that it is possible to have a postal vote for anyone or for 50% of the whole club (paid up members) and 50 % of matriculated members?

Steve said that we just have to notify all members of meetings of importance. Normal practice is that any decision made at a TGM is approved at an AGM


Alison asked if anyone who wanted to come to the annual dinner could let her know

Meets Secretary:

Hilary expressed her approval of the new system of delegating organisation of individual meets. Of the people that she'd delegated to Rich Doyle said he'd found it fine, Simon had found it rather interesting and Lynn said she could see why Hilary wanted it delegated.

Outgoing Treasurer

Paul (see separate report)

New Treasurer

Hilary reported that all the accounts for President's Invite were on a bit of paper whose whereabouts is unknown. It is thought to be in the back of an expedition log book, but this has been lost as well. Does anyone know where the expedition log book is?

The Mendip day trips lost a lot of money as money from the novices disappeared somehow. About £200 was lost. We need to get money on the weekend and write down who paid and who the money was given to. Problems came about as people made up their minds to go on the Thursday or Friday and then pigeon posted money to Hilary which didn't get there before the weekend so we didn't know at the weekend whether they've paid or not. It was suggested that we should say that if they don't pay the money on the Wednesday they don't go. Paul found it easier when he was treasurer to get money in the morning before they went.

Several people met with a woman from the Sport's Federation this evening

Gear Officer:

Simon reported that we seem to have more lamps than we had. We seem to have lost all the club belts again. We should have a belt amnesty. Hilary said she lost one with the rest of her gear.

The woman from the sport's federation wanted a gear inventory. The plus point is for insurance purposes. She would like things individually indexed. However we won't individually number maillons. John wanted to vote Lynn to be club maillon numberer.

Lots of gear seems to be dumped after trips. This should be put back where it was found on the Friday. If there is time we should empty the tackle bags in Yorkshire.

It would be nice to wash ropes more than once a year. The expedition should have washed their ropes. Apparently they tried to wash the ropes but it was in a flood and they were making them worse. It was suggested that a good time to wash ropes would be at Dales Delirium at Bull Pot Farm. Tim asked if there was any merit in putting rope washing gear on the tap by the hut. Hilary suggested we should get a rope washer like they have in Bull Pot farm.

The surveyor's said 'Oh well' to the structural problem with the hut. (Corner not attached to base?). Steve said he would take it up with the surveyors

Lamp Post:

Rich reported 8 or 9 working lamps. Simon said that from the previous day there were now 10. We have 12 lights but 2 of them aren't working.

Van Man:

We haven't sold the van yet.


Lev gave a report

5) OUSF/ Bureaucracy:

This was covered earlier

6) Transport Cost:

Two thirds of the cost of a standard weekend goes on transport. It might be worth contacting other places with minibuses, such as schools. Paul suggested contacting the Oxford Archaeological Unit as the hire minibuses for months but don't use them over the weekends and they are already covered in mud.

It was suggested we could advertise in Oxford Brookes for cavers. This could be a route for us to get to use their minibuses.

Harvey thinks that the club should pay people 150% of the fuel cost to account for wear and tear. People generally seemed to think this reasonable. Some people thought this was on the low side. Tim suggested it should be up to the people with cars. We should have an upper limit though. Hilary doesn't know how much it costs to run a car, so needs people to advise her. This should be for cars which go up with the main trip form Oxford or who answer a plea for more cars.