Oxford University Cave Club

Expedition: "Gustuteru 1996"


Expedition Members

Expedition Committee:

Leader 			Pauline Rigby
Treasurer 		Anita Milicic
Sponsorship Secretary 	Nathaniel Mumford (Nobby)
Medical Officer 	Tim Guilford
Underground Equipment 	John Pybus
Surface Equipment 	Chris Vernon (1)


Tim Barter (2)
Nick Burcham (3)
Gary Cockburn (Fumpa) (2)
Alex Harding
Olly Hilton
Andy King
Bob Kynaston (4)
Martin Laverty
Paul Mann
Bill Naylor
Geoff Newton (3)
Jason Pitman (5)
Michael Playford (6)
Martin Smith (7)
Joanne Whistler.

1 did not travel to Spain
2 Westminster Speleological Group
3 Chelsea Speleological Society
4 North Wales Caving Club
5 Red Rose CPC
6 Macquarie University Caving Group, AUSTRALIA
7 Bradford Pothole Club

Field Agent: Juan José Gonzales Suarez, Federación Asturiana Espeleologia.

Home Agent: Dr. Steve Roberts, St. Cross College, Oxford.


We would like to thank the following for their support:

The Commercial Union Assurance Award Fund
Oxford University
Foundation for Sports and the Arts
The Marjorie Sweeting Award Fund
The Ghar Parau Foundation
The Sports Council
The Oxford Society
The AC Irvine Travel Fund

Andy King received the Alex Pitcher Award.

We are grateful for sponsorship from the following:

R. Twining and Company Ltd
Kavli Ltd (Primula)
Tate and Lyle Sugars
Morning Foods Ltd
Thomas Tunnock Ltd
Thorntons plc.

We are indebted to Juan-José Gonzales Suarez and to F.As.E for allowing us to camp and cave in the Picos.