Oxford University Cave Club

Expedition: "Gustuteru 1996"



4 July Red van leaves England
6 July We arrive at Los Lagos
7-11 JulyCarrying equipment to Top Camp
11 JulyVascoEntrance located from photograph and first 3 pitches rigged.AH, MP
12 JulyVascoFirst wave: cave rigged down to 8th pitch.AK, MP, PAR
E12Rift at bottom investigated, but boulders fall into it and it is now blocked.AH, NJM
VascoSecond wave: rest of Spanish cave rigged. The impenetrable meander at the bottom was examined and found to be just that, but a way on was found through Anita's hole.TCG, AM, JJP
13 JulyVascoHammering reveals the way on down The Big Sleep. Alex leaves his prussiking gear behind and misses his callout because prussik knots are much slower.AH, OJH
shaft bashingArea DAM, MP
C4All rope pitches in the old cave rigged. The way on found by moving rocks from the rift, to a small pitch.AK, PAR
surface workGPS readings taken on C3, C4 and Gustuteru.TCG
14 JulyC4Watershed rigged, Fizzy Willy and As Advertised pitches discovered.AK, TCG, PAR
VascoAlcatraz discovered.AM, NJM, JJP
surface surveyArea FAH, OJH
15 JulyC4Yesterdays discoveries surveyed. Cave extended to The Monster, Part I.TCG, OJH, MP, PAR
surface surveyfrom E12 to El RegallónAM, JPNP
16 JulyC4Survey continued to top of The Monster. The Monster, Part II rigged and Olly's Perched Sump passed.AH, NJM, JJP
shaft bashingD9, D10 and D11 found.
17 JulyC4Survey continued. The next pitch Growing Up rigged and descended.OJH, AM, MP
E12Derigged.AK, NJM
18 JulyC4Squeeze at in rift below Growing Up passed, but easier alternative route then rigged through Cruciform pitches.TCG, AK, PAR
VascoResurvey first 5 pitches.AK, MP
19 JulyC4Old cave resurveyed.AH, NJM, PAR
20 JulyVascoResurvey of rest of Spanish cave.AH, OJH, JJP
C4Epic photography trip.AK, TCG, MP, PAR, JW
21 JulyC4Jason spends 3 hours retrieving his generator from a hole.OJH, MP, JJP
VascoThe Marge Tub and Bolt Farming discoveredAH, AK
surface surveyfrom snow pole to VascoAM, JPNP
22 JulyVascoSurvey continued. Another Girl and Another Planet discovered. MS is hit on head by falling rocks.NJM, GN, JPNP, MS
23-24 JulyC4Hash Brown, Cat o Nine Tails discovered.TBB, NJM, PAR
VascoSurvey continued.GC, AH, AM, JJP
23 Julyshaft bashingArea DOJH, RK
24-25 JulyC4Survey continued. Next 3 pitches rigged, but rift and bottom not passable.AK, RK, GN
VascoRerigging to eradicate pitch gremlins.AH, MS, JW
25 Julydigging in area 813/8 discoveredTBB, GC, PAR
27-28 JulyC4Traverse rigged to bypass too tight section and Hope Street descended.GC, OJH, NJM, MS
28-29 JulyC4Survey continued, then the next 2 pitches rigged. The way on eventually found from ledge 5m above floor.TBB, AK, PAR
VascoSurvey continued and hand lines put on climbs. 2 small pitches rigged. No way on at bottom, but a ledge seen part way up pitch ...AH, AM, JPNP
28 JulyC4The Monster rerigged.RK, JW
29 JulyVascoPhoto tripRK, MS, JW
30-31 JulyC4Marie Celeste descended and connection made to Underground Overdrive.TBB, RK, GN, PAR, MS
VascoSmegadrive discovered.AH, OJH, AK
30 Julysurface surveyArea FAM, JPNP
31 Julysurface surveyto Verdelluenga peakAM, JPNP
1-2 AugustC4Connect survey to 95. Cave extended and surveyed upstream of C4 inlet. MS takes photos.AH, GN, MS
2 AugustC4Rope brought out from The Monster.NJM, RM, AS, JW
3-4 AugustC4 1st waveCave derigged to Cat o' Nine Tails.AH, AK, NJM, MS
5-6 AugustC4 2nd waveCave derigged to Alvaro's Leap.GN, JPNP, MS AK, NJM, JW
7-8 AugustC4Derigging completed.NB, AH, AK, NJM
10 AugustVascoSmall Spanish Boys discovered.NB, AK, PMM
11-12 AugustVascoAK, NJM, WAN
13-14 AugustVascoPMM takes photos.AH, PMM
14-15 AugustVascoMoon Lizard route explored to twin sumps.NB, AK, NJM
16-17 AugustVascoFinal survey trip and start of derigging.AH, PMM
17-18 AugustVascoCave derigged.NB, AK, NJM
19-20 August All remaining equipment carried down from top camp to base camp.
21 AugustVan leaves Los Lagos
22 AugustVan arrives back in England