Oxford University Cave Club

British Speleological Expedition to the Cantabrian Mountains of Northern Spain, 1965

in conjunction with the "Espeleologos de Penalba", Leon

British Speleological Expedition 1965 Report

Other Expedition reports

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List of Members and Clubs Represented

Chairman  A.C. Huntington Eldon P.C., Kendal C.C., P.D.M.E.S., B.S.A.
Secretary M.J. Walker Craven P.C., Oxford Univ. C.C., P.D.M.H.S.
Treasurer R.A. Hazelwood Devon S.S., Oxford Univ. C.C., B.S.A.
Food Officer C.D. Westlake Eldon P.C., Cambridge Univ. C.C., B.S.A.
Transport G.R. Holt Peak District Mines Hist. Soc.
Tacklemaster R.W. Howard P.D.M.E.S., Speleo Rhal.
Surveyor P.R. Deakin Eldon P.C.
Photographer F.E.T. Sanders Oxford Univ. C.C., Chelsea S.S.
Auditor Mrs. R.H. Howard P.D.M.H.S.
  D.A. Boucher Oxford Univ. C.C.
  R. Bridger P.D.M.H.S.
  J.S. Carney Stoke C.C., University College S.S., B.S.A.
  T.R. Cecil Oxford Univ. C.C.
  T.M. Cooke Oxford Univ. C.C.
  G. Cooper Eldon P.C.
  R.J. Cooper Oxford Univ. C.C.
  J. Cowling Craven P.C.
  M.J. Durdy Eldon P.C.
  J. Eyre Red Rose P.C.
  Mrs. J. Eyre Red Rose P.C.
  D.I. Gill Eldon P.C.
  J.S. Huntington Eldon P.C.
  J.W. Lawler Spelo Rhal C.C.
  Miss S. McPherson Stewart P.H.M.H.S., Sheffield Univ. S.S.
  A.C.W. Robertson Oxford Univ. C.C., King's Sch. Glos. C.C.
  N. Schofield Wrexham C.C.
  C. Shepherd Kendal C.C.
  M.E. Smith P.D.M.H.S., Sheffield Univ. S.S.
  R. Whitehouse Eldon P.C.
  J.J. Wilson Kendal C.C.