OUCC Proceedings 9 (1979)

Edited by Martin Laverty


(Print) ISSN 1759-0132: (Online) ISSN 1759-0140

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Introductory Introduction
Expedition Members
Area Location
Los Lagos Area Map
A Note on Maps
Cave Descriptions: SW of Los Lagos Cueva del Viento
Cueva del Frieru
Cueva del Skunk
Cave Descriptions: NE of Los Lagos El Hoyo la Madre
Pozu del Cantu del Hombre (Pessimist's Pot)
Smaller Caves (Crow Pot, Dead Sheep Cave, Pete's Potty, Belbin Sink, Un-named Cave)
Cave Descriptions: SE of Los Lagos Smoked Food Cave
Cueva del Osu
Stone Lid Cave
Cueva del Caņa
Smaller Caves near Osu
Pozu del Xitu
Smaller Caves near Ario
S.R.T. Silly Rope Tricks ?
Sensible Reply Technique
General The Stinkie Dilemma
Thoughts of Brummie Expedition Guests
Geosciences Geological Notes
Geomorphological Notes
Hydrological Notes
Biospeleology Biospeleological Collecting
The Ecological Relevance of Cave Communities
Caving as a Behavioural Strategy
Surveying A Computer Goes Surveying
Survey Statistics
Surveys and Maps El Hoyo la Madre
Pozu del Cantu del Hombre
Pete's Potty
Cueva del Osu and Osu Area
Pozu del Xitu
Ario Area
Los Lagos Area
Expedition Location

(all by Kev Senior)

Skunk in Skunk Cave
Skippy in his element
"If this goes..."
"Montgomery never said it would be like this..."
Typical procedure for prussiking with rope-walkers
The "Thing" in Martin's tent
Placing bait for troglobeasties ("Oh no, not fabada again")