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2002 "Tormenta" Expedition Reports

Picos de Europa, Spain

2002 Expedition report

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23/8/02 Survey data entry now complete. Cave is definitely heading for upstream la Texa - hence to Cabeza Muxa streamway beyond the sump.
19/8/02 New pictures from Hilary Greaves.
Survey data via John Pybus
16/8/02 Email reports from Rob Garrett, Chris Densham and comment from Jonathon Cooper.
14/8/02 Chris Rogers by SMS: "After 26 hours last deep push is out. We leave the cave at about 800m in depth and several km in length. The lead is a large pool with rift continuing."
7/8/02 John Pybus: Email report
6/8/02 John Pybus by SMS/email hybrid (?!): I got back from trip @ 7am this morning. The trip was good: we descended 2 pitches 35, 15m; found an OFD-like streamway in striking black limestone & surveyed 35 legs, before handing over to Rob, Hil. Tonight people are going to Lagos, it's Hils & Pete Jurd's last night.
PS At Xitu walking down to bar. Rob & Hil made 6pm callout by 4min! Pushed another 300m horiz, 100m vert. Cave now ~-650m.
5/8/02 Steve Roberts / Chris Densham on prospects...
4/8/02 Jonathon Cooper (after return to UK): Email report
2/8/02 John Pybus by SMS/email hybrid (?!): "Got out of my first trip in Tormenta just in time for sunrise this morning. The 1st of the big pitches, 'Balrog' ~60m, is a classic -next to a falling stream in a huge open shaft. The 2nd, 'Saturday night fever' 95m, is muddy & loose, not so much fun. After some climbs in the streamway below 'Sat night' Hilary found a sump! Fortunately, a bolt climb up to a higher level route lead to a bypass. More storming streamway leads to a 30+m pitch. The surveyed depth of Torment is 460m with about 40m more found. A team has gone to drop the pitch at the limit today."
1/8/02 Dave Legg (after return to UK): Email report
30/7/02 Fleur Loveridge (after return to UK): Email report
28/7/02 Chris Rogers by SMS: "Big pitch rigged to a huge chamber at least 50 x 100 metres. Two leads so far - a climb down to a 60m pitch or a climb up to a 30m pitch. Hilary and Pete rig today. The big chamber is under the o of Lanos las Cuevas. To those coming out - bring lots of patching material."
26/7/02 Chris Rogers by SMS: "Pitch rigged to 50 metres. Team dropping last 50 odd today."
23/7/02 Chris Rogers: Email report. Streamway hits big pitch. Many high level leads and big chambers.
21/7/02 Chris Rogers by SMS: "At the moment we are short on manpower (only about seven people) so there will be plenty of opportunity for good pushing. A huge Xitu sized streamway in gorgeous marbled limestone only 150 metres from the surface begging to be explored... entrance the same altitude as the Xitu entrance but about half a km closer to Culiembro so massive potential for huge pitch series, very unlikely to sump. *Easy* pushing down to 1 km!!! If you want to come out, it's better to text me as I can get them more often 07974 406 163"
19/7/02 Pip Crosby by SMS: "Sitting on the ridge into area 4 on a balmy midsummer evening. It's 2 am and we have just come out from surveying the new stuff in Storm. Below last year's limit is a fine 40 metre pitch followed by climbs down into scruffy crawling to a short pitch and boulder choke. The end? A quick play reveals a route into a huge chamber strewn with house sized boulders. A short pitch and some climbs lead into gorgeous OFD like streamway which is yet to be explored. "
18/7/02 Paul Garver: Email Report. Tormenta is opening up big time!
12/7/02 Chris Rogers by SMS: "Rigging started yesterday [in Tormenta]. Pushing today. Rigging party confirmed cave is big."
7/7/02 Expedition vehicle leaves for Spain

This is the final (23/8/2002) survey of Pozo la Tormenta; -721m

Survey as of 23/8/02
Includes survex data files!