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1995 Expedition: Boca del Joon

Picos de Europa, Spain

1995 Expedition Report Contents

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F64 Torca del Fuego - Rigging Guide

Entrance series    
Whistle Stop Café (P42) 45m Two bolt Y-hang; spike deviation at -4m; spike rebelay at -20m
Olé, Olé, Olé (P6) 20m Spike backup; spike and bolt Y-hang; traverse on two bolts and thread at bottom.
They Come at Night (P35)  40m Huge boulder back; spike and bolt Y-hang; spike deviation at -20m
Pendule above They Come at Night 30m Y-hang off two naturals; bolt rebelay; bolt rebelay; two bolt Y-hang on far side.
Mostly (P40) 45m  Three bolt traverse; two bolt Y-hang; thread deviation at -8m; spike deviation at -11m; spike deviation at -20m.
Climb to ledge (C5) 10m Large thread.
M6 Bypass ascent (P12) 20m  Backup bolt +5m; bolt; natural deviation.
M6 Bypass descent (P35) 45m Bolt from ascent; bolt; bolt rebelay at -8m; bolt rebelay at -19m; bolt rebelay at -27m.
The squeezes    
Rift Climb(C3) 4m ladder  Chock stone.
Harmless (P8)  15m Thread back up; spike and bolt Y-hang.
Climb between Fierce Ladies (C3)   4m ladder.
Hlegless (P8) 15m Thread backup; spike and bolt Y-hang; needs ladder.
Bad Habits (P8) 15m Spike backup; thread; bolt with ladder.
Bazd-Meg's Holiday and Old Bore's Hill    
Old Bore's Hill Ascent (C16) 20m Two spikes, shared with traverse.
Descent to Zodiac Rift    
Traverse and descent (Tr5, C9) 20m Two spikes; bolt; optional bolt deviation.
Over the Hill I (P14) 40m Back up to descent rope; bolt; large thread deviation.
Over the Hill II (P11) `` Bolt.
Slot through choke (C4) 5m Bolt.
C3 40m Boulder.
Eton Rifles (P20) `` Two bolt Y-hang; spike rebelay; spike deviation; large boulder rebelay on ledge.
Cool for Cats (P24) 35m Two bolts with rope protector; bolt and spike rebelay with two short rope protectors; two spike rebelay at -5m.
Zodiac Rift    
Aries (P10) 25m  Bolt; bolt deviation at -1m.
Taurus (P6,C4) `` Two bolt Y-hang.
Gemini (P4) 35m Bolt.
Cancer (P6) `` Bolt.
Leo (P5) `` Two bolts.
Virgo (C5,P2) `` Spike.
Libra (P5) 80m  Bolt for traverse; Spike and bolt Y-hang.
Scorpius (P14) `` Needs bolt for traverse; chockstone for traverse; 2 bolts; chock stone rebelay at -4m.
Ophiuchus (P8) `` Bolt needed for traverse; two bolt Y-hang; bolt deviation.
Sagittarius (P4) `` Two bolt Y-hang,
Traverse `` Needs bolt.
Descent to chamber (C3) `` Spike; spike.
Capricornus (P24) 75m Bolt; spike; main hang off thread; chock stone deviation at -6m; bolt deviation at -9m; bolt rebelay at -21m.
Aquarius (P27) Two bolt Y-hang; bolt deviation.
Pisces (P5) Two spike Y-hang.
The lower cave
Skittle Alley (P37) 65m Two bolt Y-hang; spike deviation; bolt deviation; bolt rebelay; spike rebelay.
Picture Palace (P16) `` Two bolt Y-hang.
Myxomatosis (P26) 40m Spike backup; spike for traverse; bolt; bolt rebelay; natural deviation.
Climb to Death Trap Dungeon 35m Bolt on boulder at top of slope; bolt rebelay on right wall at entrance to choke.
Handline 30m Shares bolt rebelay.