Oxford University Cave Club

Expedition to the Picos de Europa, Spain, 1994

"La Verdelluenga"


Bouldering in C8 with Wlodek

Further investigation of the pitch revealed a small window, so far unentered, and a phreatic tube which lead to a small choke at the head of a 50m pitch. Wlodek attempted to climb over the choke to garden the pitch head, unfortunately the choke decided to collapse down the 50m pitch. Wlodek managed to run up the choke while dodging the roof collapsing to get to a ledge and to some degree of safety. The 50m pitch was dropped down to a choke. A couple of hours digging revealed a small passage. more digging is necessary.

On exiting from the cave a window was spotted 7m below the rebelay which seems to take the draught.