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1989 "Juracao " Expedition Final Report

Picos de Europa, Spain


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A Brief Diary of the Expedition

29th June Base camp is set up at Los Lagos and portering of equipment to Ario begins.
1st July First rigging trip down 2/7
2nd July. 2/7 rigged as far as Graham's Todger pitch
3rd July Rigging of the rift series completed; the first 200m rope is carried through the rifts and rigged down Pessimist's Pot.
4th July Second 200m rope carried to the end of the rifts; GSP passage discovered and explored as far as the top of the first pitch down.
5th July Shaft series rigged (with the powerdrill) to the bottom of Armageddon.
9th July Party one carries camping gear for party two and completes rigging the shaft series. Party three pushes down the first pitch in GSP.
9th-12thJuly Party two sets up camp in Mr. Jones and explores the streamway as far as Primula Point.
11th July Main streamway explored upstream from the big ledge in Just Awesome for 100m to a boulder choke. The alternative route from the end of Gusamo Grovel meets at the same point but a possible way on is noticed.
12th-15th July Three person camp: streamway explored as far as Choke Egbert and surveyed completely except for Choke Drusilla.
15th-18th July Six person camp: Choke Drusilla partially surveyed and a climb above the stream discovers Postman Pat chamber.
17th July GSP rigged to part way down Tumbling Dice pitch.
18th July GSP rigged to the limit (That Tuesday Afternoon Feeling) and completely surveyed.
18th-21st July Four person camp: cave (still) photography started.
21st-24th July Six person camp: video team complete their underground filming, and discover the London Underground. They explore and survey 1.5km of passage. The other team discover the bypass to Drusilla.
24th July GSP series derigged.
26th-29th July Three person camp: London Underground connected toMr. Jones; connection surveyed. The streamway is derigged.
29th-31st July Four person camp: underground still photography completed.
29th-2nd August Three person camp: London Underground connected to Choke Cuthbert, further routes in the Drusilla Bypass explored and climbs at the end of London Underground attempted.
31st-4th August Nine person camp: climbs attempted at the end of the London Underground and in the Drusilla Bypass to try to bypass Choke Egbert - no success. Egbert pushed at stream level, also with no success. Lost Paul's Rift explored and surveyed.
6th August Detackling begins.
13th August Detackling in 2/7 is completed and the equipment is back at Ario.
14th-16th August Portering of equipment to Base at Los Lagos.
17th August The Yellow Van boards the ferry for England.