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1989 "Juracao " Expedition Final Report

Picos de Europa, Spain


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We would like to thank the following for their support without which this expedition would not have been possible:

Royal Geographical Society
Ghar Parau Fund
H.A. Secretan Bequest
St. Catherine's College JCR
A. C. Irvine Fund
Oxford University
Sports Council
Trevelyan Fund

B.C.B. International Ltd Alpinex
Beecham Bovril Brands Caving Supplies
Colman's of Norwich Cotswold Camping
Kavli Ltd Daleswear
Kellogg's Damart Thermawear Ltd
Mornflake Oats Dunlop Footwear Ltd
Nabisco Ever Ready Batteries Ltd.
Proctor and Gamble Francis Barker & Son
Rowntree Sunpat Ltd Inglesport
Schwartz Herbs and Spices Lyon Equipment
St. Ivel Ltd Troll Safety Equipment
Shepherd Boy Ltd Wild Country
Tate and Lyle
Twinings Teas
Walker's Crisps

We would also like to thank the following individuals for their help and support:

Dr. P. A. Bull; Prof. A. Goudie; Dr. J. Frankland; A. McKnight; J. Short; Juan Jose Gozalez Suarez.

We are also indebted to I.C.O.N.A. and the F.A.E. for allowing us to camp and cave in the Covadonga National Park.