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OUCC News 26th November 2008

Volume 18, Number 20

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Editor: Andrew Morgan

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Editor's bit

This edition is a little lean: please keep sending articles.

I saw this on YouTube recently - Jack Osbourne (son of Ozzy Osbourne) caving in Swildon's Hole in the TV show 'Adrenaline Junkie'.

It contains swearing, unsurprisingly.

I have received the following from Martin Laverty about the Mexican cave crystals, that were mentioned in Tim's write-up of Giovani Badino's talk in DTT 18.19.


Indeed, the whole blog is worth looking at regularly (even if a lot is written in Catalan)'

Continuing the Spanish flavour I have been asked to include this from Carlos Puch.

Queridos amigos / Chers Amis / Dear Friends,

Desde hace unos meses llevo un pequeño blog en Ediciones Desnivel / Dépuis peu je tiens un petit blog dans Editions Desnivel / I'm writing a small blog on Desnivel Editions' web-site:

Espero vuestros comentarios y sugerencias / Vos commentaires et sugérences seront bienvenus / Comments will be appreciated.

Abrazos / Amitiés / Cheers, Carolo