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OUCC News 10th May 2000

Volume 10, Number 6

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Letter to the Editor 

Dear Tim, 
Surfing the net and came across an account of the club trip down Spectacle Pot which brought back happy memories and I am sure you would have appreciated Dodd's pitch in all its "prime-evil" glory, when I was a first class nutter until the loss of a knee cap put an end to my insanity. Best wishes. 
Ged Dodd of the infamous Black Rose Pothole Club


Yorkshire this weekend is ON: we'll be staying at Greenclose. Please e-mail me to let me know you're coming, if you are and haven't already. Anyone for a trip down Washfold? 
Hilary Greaves


In case you hadn't noticed, we're going to Spain. <bullshit mode> Are you into caverns measureless, unbelievably beautiful virgin stream passage /or squalid digging 800m underground? Or perhaps sun, mountains and great company? Would you like to be the first to float round the much-bullshitted-about Catheter Canal Corner (2/7's current upstream limit) and stomp up the next 6km of passage, or knock the last rock out of Egbert to reveal the way down towards the short free-diveable sump at the bottom of the world's fifth deepest cave? </bullshit mode> Then read on...

  1. Book your place on the Ario 2000 Picos expedition by: 
    1. emailing the Expedition Secretary, <>, to let her know. Include DATES you want to be with the expedition (choose 3 July - 22 August) Do This Now! And,
    2. posting your deposit to the Treasurer, Paul Mann <Libraries Automation Service, 65 St Giles, Oxford>. Cheques need to be payable to "OUCC Ario 2000".
  2. Deposits are as follows (amounts in brackets are short-stay rates, whichever is cheaper applies - the two are roughly equal for a two-week stay)
    OU student cavers: £140 (£10 per day) 
    Non-student cavers: £200 (£15 per day) 
    Non-caving visitors: £50 (£4 per day) * (NB *not* as alleged in vicious e-mail rumour yesterday)
    To arrange exceptions to the standard rate for whatever reason, contact the treasurer
  3. To get excellent discounts on caving gear so you can trash it without worrying too much, sort out your gear order with Lynn - but hopefully you've already done this as the deadline is TODAY! For last-minute emergencies, the form is at: [link deleted]. Again, cheques to "OUCC Ario 2000"
  4. Order yourself a cool, hip, funky Ario 2000 Expedition T-shirt. It will be fantastic, cool, hip and funky, and will cost an indeterminate amount, about the same as it usually costs. E-mail your order to Hilary (address above) ASAP - cheers.
  5. To ask questions, give suggestions, tell people the meaning of expedition life etc etc, email the leader <>, the committee via me (Hilary), or all and sundry <>.

Hilary Greaves

Phra Nang Beach to Thaiwand Wall

It was caving but it certainly wasn't Yorkshire. The trip started with a walk along the golden sands where we (myself, Natalie from Australia and Sally from New Zealand) were accosted by a guy dressed only in swimming trunks asking how to get to the cave. We gave him directions explaining that he'd probably need at least a torch. We were well equipped, wearing beach sandals and with 2 torches between us (but no working batteries!). The cave is only short but we wasted no time in getting lost and finding a dead end, oops, I mean potential dig site. The others had never done any caving before although Sally's grandfather had been involved in a lot of early Yorkshire exploration - it's a small world. We eventually found the way on up a bamboo ladder which creaked impressively. Two more ladders later and we were through although the missing rungs on the last ladder did provide an extra obstacle. The fun was not over, however, because the exit from the cave is a 15m abseil onto a ledge which is still 50m above the main beach with fantastic views.

We wasted the rest of the day by climbing in the sun until it set turning the sea and sky all sorts of golds, oranges, reds greens purples and blues. After this we retired to the beachside bar for the traditional after trip cocktails?!
Rob Davies