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OUCC News 20th January 2000

Volume 10, Number 0

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pseudoEditor: Hilary Greaves


A bit brief and monoauthoressic this one, the rest is no doubt sitting in our illustrious Editor's inbox while he does fun things in South Africa or some such place. Forgive the liberty, one day

The first OUCC Annual Dinner of the 21st Century

(pedantism not welcome)

Fun and frolics remember, come on you know you want it!! The dinner is on Saturday 5th February, this is only a little bit more than 2 weeks away - early in the term this time. So if you haven't already done so, please confirm your place (with menu choices) to ASAP (by the end of this week if at all poss). Ta. There'll be a party afterwards, and Oxford floor space for as many as want it. More details nearer the time, or contact Hilary with any queries.
Hilary Greaves

Caving anyone?

The first OUCC caving meet of the 21st century is THIS WEEKEND, in the Mendips. We'll be staying at the MCG, unless Lev's "I don't want a romantic weekend for two at the Wessex but I've got it so I have to use it" scheme convinces anyone. Wasn't looking too persuasive at the end of the last beer.... Meet 8am at the hut. Trip plans include Priddy Green Sink. Contact Chris Densham <> if you want to come/for more info.
Hilary Greaves

The beginning of the 21st century, at Bull Pot Farm

Another fantastic Yorkshire New Year, what a brilliant habit! Where do I start... the middle is usually good. New Year's Eve/Day was as it should have been - loud musicy, dancy and messy. The revelry continued until (a) 10 o'clock because you're a shameful pansy (b) the not-so-early hours (c) the early hours of January 2nd (select option according to stamina level) and among other things we, er, I mean some unknown culprits, managed to cover the best part of the ground floor of the farm in flour. (That's when you know it's been a good night, right?!?) As for the rest of the week, it was ACE and lots of us drank lots of beer, and went caving a bit too. The weather was particularly good at the beginning of the week providing a few days for Top Notch trips... but I'm not even going to attempt a trip writeup, there's far too much of it, it's all in the little yellow book. Thanks to everyone who turned up & made the week as good as it was, to Chris Vernon for buying the essential 9 bottles of fairy liquid and 40 pounds of butter, and of course to the RRCPC for letting us share their excellent little home once again.
Hilary Greaves

*********************** * That's all folks! * ***********************