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OUCC News 22nd June 1994

Volume 4, Number 27

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This will be the last DTT before OUCC discovers the world's deepest cave during the summer. So, farewell Sasha, we'll miss you; good luck JC at getting married; and see you all in Spain.

Not much caving to report this week. But Gavin and Tim Nichols did manage a trip down the "C" place, and dug off sensory drive. A junction was reached, with the left hand branch making a voice connection to Cormorant Rift. The right hand branch may also join Cormorant or Red Herring. The scenario does not seem promising.

Expedition Travel

The van
Out: Sat 2nd July, 1930, Newhaven-Dieppe; probably leaving Oxford about 1500.

Rtn: Mon 22nd Aug, 0615, Cherbourg- Southampton; probably leaving Los Lagos Sat 20th Aug morning.

Expedition Health

We now have around 15 or 20 doses of antibiotics for the duration of expedition. If you are allergic to any of them (e.g. Penicillin based or Sulphonomide based drugs), please let me know as soon as possible, so I can label the bottles accordingly.

We are well supplied with Temgesic this year. Expedition policy will probably be to get every caver to carry two tablets when working. These can be taped to the inside of your helmet, or carried in your personal first aid kit. But please remember that these are serious painkillers, and we have to check them out and back in at the end of expedition. If you are unsure of their use, talk to someone who should know.

Personal First Aid Kits
Those who ordered FA kits on the gear order can now pick them up from me. The containers are a bit naff, but the best I can get so far. You may wish to change the container before someone sits on it.

For those who plan instead to make their own, they contain the following:

2 Aspirin (a bit minimal)
2 Lomotil
2 Arete
8 plasters
1 roll zinc tape
1 tape antiseptic ointment
1 razor blade
2 large safety pins
1 crepe bandage
1 traingular bandage
1 candle (against hypothermia, not darkness)
a few butterfly sutures or equivalent
2 temgesic
1 antiseptic wipe

Optional extras include: tampon, Glucose tablets; condom, alka-seltzer, St. Bernard with Whiskey barrel.
Tim Guilford

First Aid Course

This will be held next Monday, from 9.30am until about 6pm, room C20 in the Department of Zoology, on South Parks Road. There is a canteen. There are still about three places if you want to come.

After getting generous grants from the Clubs Committee and the Special Projects Fund, the club has bought a rescue stretcher. It is a Sked, similar to the one we will be using on expedition, and should arrive in the next week or so.

Camping at the Hill Inn

The Yorkshire Dales National Park are trying to stop camping at the Old Hill Inn.

The proprietors of the Inn are applying for an 'established use certificate' to allow camping to continue. They have less than 21 days to respond so urgent action is vital. In order to get the certificate they have to demonstrate that there has been year round use of the area used for camping for at least the last ten years. Failure to get the certificate may result in an injunction being taken out to prevent any further camping here.

Have you Camped there? Do you know someone who has? Please write NOW in support of allowing continued camping at the Old Hill Inn stating when you have been camping there to:

The National Parks Officer
Yorkshire Dales National Park
Yorebridge House
N. Yorks.

Or send letters in support to John and Sue at the Old Hill Inn.