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Club Caving Meetings, Hilary Term 2024

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1 19-21 Jan Devon £60 SDB Rosa Clements


3-4 |Feb Mendips £55 Wessex TBA




16-18 Feb South Wales £60 SWCC Máté  Soos




1-3 Mar Yorkshire £60 YSS Fiona Zhang



Other meets may be organised - please check at Social  meetings or via the OUCC mailing lists.

Details of the trips will be advertised closer in time. They will mostly be advertised on the "oucc-all" mailing list.
So if you want to stay up to date, please sign up following the instructions on the website: http://www.oucc.org.uk/current/mailists.htm

PLEASE help and volunteer to organise a weekend. If no-one organises the weekends they won't happen.
There is a detailed crib sheet on the website telling you exactly how to organise a weekend. Take a Look!

How to Sign up for a Caving Trip

  Trips must be paid for in advance. Payment is by an online system.
covers: loan of equipment, transport, accommodation, food on site; but not food in transit or what you spend in the pub! See here for more information.
If you haven't been caving with us before but want to give it a go, membership and insurance for your first term with OUCC is free!

Your first Caving Trip?

Read this important information and complete this online OUCC Pre-Trip information form

Single Rope Technique

  Going to the Dales? Going on an expedition ? Don't know the ropes ? - try SRT Training.

Trip Details

1st week  19-21 Jan – Devon –South Dartmoor Bunkhouse
This trip will explore some of the Devon caves; while generally smaller than those in some of the other caving regions, they are an enjoyable and interesting change from our usual caves. Trips suitable for novices to experienced cavers.
Organiser:  Rosa Clements rosa.clements@somerville.oxon.net
Sign-up: https://www.oxforduniversitystores.co.uk/product-catalogue/oxford-university-cave-club/ou-cave-club-trips/oucc-trip-ht24-1st-week-devon  

3rd week 2-4 Feb – Mendips –Wessex Caving Hut
This is a trip to a very popular caving area, and will feature visits to a number of favourite caves, (Swildon’s Hole and Eastwater). The cave systems are a bit squeezy but mostly beginner-friendly. As a HT trip, we can find some challenges for the second-timers and for those who have practiced SRT, Hunter’s Hole is a good place as a first SRT trip . The Wessex hut has an SRT tower, suitable for SRT training and practice. A great opportunity for novices who would like to join the Yorkshire trip on 1-3 March.
Organiser: unconfirmed, please contact meet sec Fiona Zhang sifei.zhang@physics.ox.ac.uk
Sign-up: https://www.oxforduniversitystores.co.uk/product-catalogue/oxford-university-cave-club/ou-cave-club-trips/oucc-trip-ht24-3rd-week-mendips    

5th week 16-18 Feb – South Wales—SWCC
The SWCC hut is next to Ogof Ffynnon Ddu, the deepest cave in the UK and offers a range of trips suitable for all. Potentially for more experienced cavers we can get a Dan yr Ogof permit.
Organiser: unconfirmed, please contact meet sec Fiona Zhangsifei.zhang@physics.ox.ac.uk
Sign-Up: https://www.oxforduniversitystores.co.uk/product-catalogue/oxford-university-cave-club/ou-cave-club-trips/oucc-trip-ht24-5th-week-south-wales      

7th week 1-3 March – Yorkshire – YSS
As the last trip in HT, we are going to Yorkshire—an area that offers some remarkable caves - many of them are deep and really require some training/experience of SRT techniques. There are many caves to choose from, and we will be able to offer trips suitable for all levels of experience. However, it is recommended to join at least one SRT training session before coming to this trip.
Organiser: Fiona Zhang sifei.zhang@physics.ox.ac.uk
Sign-up: https://www.oxforduniversitystores.co.uk/product-catalogue/oxford-university-cave-club/ou-cave-club-trips/oucc-trip-ht24-7th-week-yorkshire

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Croydon Caving Club; LCCC: Lancashire Caving & Climbing Club; MCG: Mendip Caving Group;
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