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Caving Trip to Hungary, Summer 2019

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When? - 6-16th of July [changed from previous meeting]

Who can go? - Any club member who has been on at least three club trips.

General points

         All the caves in Hungary require us to have a local guide to be allowed in.
Greg has many connections in the Hungary caving scene and they are looking forward to us coming.

         There is cave rescue in Hungary in case we have any problems.

         The current plan is to register the trip with the university so that we have access to the Irvine fund and it can be a club trip.

         We have decided that everyone should book their own flights so that we don’t have to worry about doing any group bookings and it keeps everything simple.


         6th July [Day 1] – everyone organizes their own flights to Budapest. (Cheapest now is London Luton to Budapest).
Take the bus into Budapest.
Meet with everyone else in town.
Take the bus to a village near Budapest where we are staying (in an old castle).
As well as normal holiday stuff, we will need to bring with our caving and SRT gear.
We do not need to bring any rope as locals have kindly offered that we can use theirs.

         7th-8th July [Day 2-3] – Sightseeing / Caving etc. In Budapest

         9th July [Day 4] – Hire a MPV or car in Budapest. Drive north to the Aggtelek National Park (approx. 3h drive). Get to accommodation. Explore area.

         10th-15th July [Day 5-9] – Go caving (lots of caving opportunities including vertical caves). Explore the area / go for hikes. Visit the world’s largest book.

         16th July [Day 10] – Drive back to Budapest and drop off car. Fly back home (evening flight)

Approximate Cost


Per Person





Minibus /MPV hire


Food and Drink (approximate)


Payment of our guides and access to caves

Unknown but likely very small



Funding Possibilities

         Irvine fund – http://users.ox.ac.uk/~acirvine/

         Pod Fund – http://www.oucc.org.uk/current/pod_fund/0-pod_fund_main.htm

Signing up

         Sign up (here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1XlNHHDwp0voDFkwAPNdPwRLulXYRHgNe2zce3Ig8Eec/edit?usp=sharing) before the 3rd of May

         Organize your own flights, the sooner you book the cheaper they will be!

         You will need to get your own caving insurance. Snowcard is a good option that many cavers use on their trips abroad (https://www.snowcard.co.uk/).

Who to contact with questions

         Accommodation or Caving – Greg (horvath.gerichard@gmail.com)

         Transport, getting funding through the Uni, anything else – Rory (rory.rose@trinity.ox.ac.uk)